Year 3 have been developing their thinking skills, in our first philosophy course ‘P1C’, addressing the BIG questions, ‘What are thoughts?’, ‘Why am I special?’ and ‘What is love?’

Year 5 have had a World War II day and experienced life as an evacuee.


Year 6 are ready to fly after their transition project with St. Joseph’s RC Academy and 7 Stories, based around David Almond’s book ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’.

Good luck at High school Year 6!!!

A personal appeal for peace from Abby in response the the terrible events in Florida.





A video of our amazing exhibition of topic based artwork.

Year 2 wrote some Space Poems then became astronauts for the day to share them.



The Ant and the Artist. In this stop frame animation Year 6 tell a story used in our Religious Philosophy programme which describes God as a loving artist and Antoine the Ant as a scientist who relies on evidence.