The Crew of St. James

Chair of Governors

Mrs. S. Grewcock

Members of Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs. F. Heslop             Headteacher (DSL, Music and Dance)

Mrs. J. Scott                  Year 6 (Acting Deputy Headteacher, Deputy DSL, R.E., Art and D.T.)

Mr. S. Monaghan          Year 5 (Maths., P.E., I.C.T.)

Mrs. V. Hayden             Year 4 (Science)

Mrs. L. Gofton               Year 3 (P.S.H.E. and KidSafe)

Mrs. J. Timlin                Year 2 (English, History and Geography)

Miss. N. Reilly                Year 1

Mrs. A. Honey                 Early Years (EYFS, SENDCO and Deputy DSL)

Ms J.Capot  ( 1 day)        Early Years

Mrs. P. Lamb  (4 Days)    Supernumerary (Intervention)

Mrs. F. Dunlop (1 day)      MFL


Support Staff

Mrs. R. Hudson                   HLTA

Mrs. M. Roberts                  HTLA

Mrs. S. Judd                        HLTA

Mrs. B. Camm                     HLTA

Mrs. P. Lamb                      HLTA

Miss. S. Holmes                   TA

Miss. R. Robinson                TA

Mrs. J. Watson                      TA

Mrs. S. Gibbons                     TA

Mrs. W. Mazari                      TA


Mrs. I. Franklin


Lorraine Ward


Sarah Linsley