Diary Dates

Terms and Holidays:  2018-2019

Autumn Term 2018


Monday 3rdSeptember                          School closed             In-Service Day


Tuesday 4th September                           School opens


Monday 22nd October                           School closed                            Half Term Holiday


Monday 29th October                              School opens


Friday 21st December                           Last day of term                        Christmas Holiday begins

Spring Term 2019


Monday 7th January                                    School opens


Friday 15th February                              School closed               In-Service Day


Monday 18h February                             School closed               Half Term Holiday


Monday 25th February                             School opens


Friday 5th April                                          Last day of Term            Easter Holiday begins

Summer Term 2019


Tuesday 23rd April                                   School Opens


Monday 6th May                                     School closed               May Day Holiday


Tuesday 7th May                                     School opens


Friday 24th May                                     School closed                In –Service Day


Monday 27th May                                   School closed               Half Term Holiday


Monday 3rd June                                     School opens


Friday 19th July                                       Last Day of Term        Summer Holiday begins


Tuesday 3rd September                          School opens                  New School Year