Year 3

Jessica’s wonderful wings

Jessica has created butterfly wings about her lockdown experience. Jessica says: ‘Lockdown has been a little bit hard because I miss everyone and I really want to go out and do lots of things again, but I’ve had so much fun too.’
She’s included pictures of some of things she has done during lockdown such as:
 Films and programmes she has enjoyed watching
 Books she has read
 Music she has loved to listen to
 Games she has played
 Weekly family quiz nights with her Irish family that she has taken part in and contributed to
 Things she has created; art and baking
 Seeds she has planted; pumpkins, carrots, cress and flowers
 The places she’s enjoyed visiting most
 The wildlife she’s captured
 The life skills she has developed such as hoovering, bed making, cooking and baking, washing dishes, sorting clothes for washing, helping to fold and put away laundry, polishing. She’s also practised using chopsticks
 The fun she has had and the bond she has grown with her little sister
 Her first cuddle with her best friend and their sisters
 The hard work she puts in everyday to her home learning. Always keen and eager to learn, continuing to cover all subjects and having her say in the topics she learns
 And the first McDonald’s when they reopened.

So here is Jessica, spreading her lockdown wings and ready to slowly and sensibly reconnect with the outside world and the people in it.


Year 3 Home Learning 06.07.20

Hello again Year 3 I hope you are well.  

The weather has taken a bit of a turn unfortunately but I have heard it is meant to be improving so hopefully you can all get out and enjoy the wonderful weather.

As always I have attached your work to the blog.  This week is Arts week so I have included a lot of Art, Drama, Music and Science. I hope you all enjoy it especially the drama on Wednesday as you get to imitate other people and change your voice! If you are able to do this lesson it would be great to see a video of you doing this.  Remember to send it to so that we can watch your impersonations.

Can you believe the school year is nearly over? I know it has been a very strange year and not how we wanted it to be but remember how proud we are of all of you as we know this hasn’t been easy!  Do you have any plans for the summer holidays?  We are celebrating Lewis 4th birthday soon (which we still can’t believe he is nearly 4!) he has asked for a ‘toon toon cake’ as he is football mad like his Daddy.  He keeps asking if we can call the baby Miquel Almiron as that is his favourite player (needless to say we have told him no!)

We are missing you all like crazy and can’t wait until we see you all again.

Mrs Gofton, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari xxx

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The Walk of Life – St James  

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the quote suggests, we all have to live with disappointments and setbacks in life, and the last few months have certainly been testing for everybody connected with St James.

However, nothing can stop us looking to the future with hope and optimism; some day soon, this will all be a thing of the past that we can move on from and hope for better things ahead.

As the video shows, the beauty of nature and the world around us, hasn’t changed during lock-down. We are blessed with so many amazing places to visit in the North East, and this time away from school has given us more opportunities to visit them more often.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mr Monaghan

Year 3 Home Learning 29.6.20

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and are thrilled with the news that we are starting to ease lockdown from Saturday 4th July.  When we told Lewis what Boris Johnson said he was so happy as he has been desperate to go to his favourite restaurant, Pani’s, and play on the equipment in the park.  We are now counting down the days on his little chart (which is great for his maths!) until he can feel a sense of normality again.

I can’t believe that this year is nearly over and the prospect of us not seeing each other again until September is a little saddening as you have all been wonderful this year.  Hopefully I will get to pop in to your new class in September to see you before I leave to have time off with the baby.

As always your work for this week is attached below and I will add your homework to the Homework page.  You will absolutely love the homework this week as it is a beautiful theme from Mrs Heslop and Mrs Scott.

As always please keep sending me your emails as they always make me smile even if it is just to say hello and tell me about all the wonderful things you have been doing at home.

As always, we are missing you all so much and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces!

Mrs Gofton, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari  xxx

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Year 3 Home Learning 22.6.20

Hello again Year 3

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine that we have had.

I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your pictures this week and your emails.  They have really brightened up my week seeing your lovely faces and how much fun you are having at home with your family.  We are really missing you lots and know that you are just as eager to come back as we are.  Keep sending me your lovely emails as I love reading about all your adventures at home and seeing some of the work you have been doing.  The volcano activity seemed to be a huge hit this week and I’m so pleased you took your experiments outside as I dread to think of the mess it would have caused in the house!

I hope to speak to you all soon and enjoy this weeks work which is attached below.

Mrs Gofton, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari x


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Mrs Gofton’s favourite place

My favourite place is definitely Jesmond Dene. We love to explore the woods and Lewis loves to go and see the animals. Jesmond Dene is beautiful and Lewis always seems to be calm and peaceful when we are here as he loves nature and exploring the area. I can’t wait to see your pictures this week. Don’t forget to send them to

This is my favourite picture as Lewis is exploring the trees with his Daddy and talking about all of the different animals that could be living in there. I especially love the quote that I found as we can learn a lot from nature, especially trees.

Mrs Gofton x

Year 3 Home Learning 15.6.20

Hello again Year 3.

It was lovely to speak to your parents, and yourselves, this week.  It sounds like you are all doing brilliantly and the few wobbles that you have had (which is perfectly normal!) you have managed to talk to someone and in some cases wear your uniform voluntarily to make it seem as though you were in school (I guarantee you never thought you would ever have done that before).

You have no idea how much I am missing you all and desperately want us back together in our classroom.  After talking to your parents, lots were saying that you loved the booklets we sent out originally when we thought we may only miss a few weeks of school.  If you would like some more of these packs then please email me at and I will email you a new pack.

I have attached this weeks work which I am sure you will enjoy this week as it incorporates some Poetry, Art, Science, D and T and Geography.  We should have been looking at Urban Pioneers this term which is all about cities and the impact of cities so I hope you enjoy what I have set you.  Any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me at our email address.

Hopefully we see an improvement in the weather this week as I think we have had enough rain now.

Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari send their love and wishes to both you and your families.

Mrs Gofton x

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Jessica’s wonderful Bug Hunt entry

I had to show off this wonderful piece of work that Jessica in Year 3 has submitted to the Bug Hunt 2020. She completed it all by herself and researched lots about ants. If you haven’t already submitted your entry please do so as the closing date is fast approaching!

Well done Jessica!

Mrs Gofton

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Year 3 Home Learning 8.6.20

Hello everyone I hope you are all well!

What a difference in the weather this week.  It was a lovely start and now it is back to the good old British weather-rain!

As always I have attached some work for you this week.  There is a mixture of Geography, Art and Science this week.  I hope you enjoy it as they look really fun and exciting.  There is nothing that needs printed out this week, I have tried to keep everything online and using paint, pencils and paper in your house.

Remember to send me your Bug Hunt Pictures to as the homework from last week will be rolled over to this week as well.  Lewis wanted to take part so I will attach the photographs to the homework page so you can see what he has found in our garden.  To access the homework please use the password homework

Keep safe and we hope to see you all soon

Mrs Gofton, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari xxx

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Year 3 Home Learning 1.6.20

Hello Year 3

I hope you have enjoyed your week off and made the most of the wonderful weather.  As you have probably heard we are starting to see a little light at the end of all this but we still have a long way to go and by doing what we have already been doing means we can get back some sense of normality soon.

Mrs Gibbons sends her love to you all and misses you like crazy.  She has been busy in the garden, going out on a bike ride (I know I was very shocked too!) and keeping the postman busy with all her deliveries.

Mrs Mazari has been keeping herself busy with her family and her dogs.  She sends her also and can’t wait to see you all soon (hopefully)

I have loved receiving your emails this week with the homework and little messages.  As you already know Lewis is going to be a big brother.  He has said for weeks the baby is a boy, so on Tuesday we went for our scan and were able to find out that Lewis must have known something all along as we are having a baby boy.

I have attached this weeks work which I have tried to keep it all online based to save your printers.  I will attach some sheets for the Science lesson I have set but remember these DO NOT need to be printed out.

Homework is also on the Year 3 Homework page so please look at it and send it back to as I love seeing all your work and all your little messages of what you have been up to.

Keep smiling and remember to look after your parents (they are finding this all a bit tough too!)

Mrs Gofton, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Mazari 🙂

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