Year 2

Using Google Classroom at home

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, thank you so much for embracing all things Google Classroom. I know we have had a few teething problems with it, but I feel it has been a really successful remote learning tool for the children to use.

I have attached a document below that reminds you of how to get logged onto the account and what to do once you are there. I have also included the video that I posted earlier in the term, that also explains the steps needed.

If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher, who will be able to assist you further. We will be posting our remote learning policy in the coming days too, so please do look out for that.

Kind Regards,

Mr Monaghan

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Using Google Classroom

Hi everyone,

What a rollercoaster 2020 we have all had and life continues to twist and turn at the moment. With some children now isolating, we wanted to ensure every child in the school has access to Google Classroom.

This can be used for remote learning, so that the teacher of your child can send out work to them each week and can also provide feedback for your child’s work on it.

The video shows you how to get logged into Classroom by going onto and entering the child’s details. I will endeavour to send out each child’s email address and password in the coming days.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know and one of the staff will help you and your child in accessing Google Classroom.

Stay safe,

Mr Monaghan

Home learning week beginning 6th July

Hi year 2.  It’s been lovely to hear from some of you this week.  We hope you are all well and working hard.  We continue  our learning with a focus on some revolting and some healthy recipes and there some very interesting food art for you to explore.  We can’t wait to see some more of your creative butterflies!  If you write a recipe as part of your homework this week, i’d love to see it so please email it over!


Have a great week!


Mrs Timlin and Mrs Hudson

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doc 2

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Year 2 home learning wb 29th June

Hi, year 2.  I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.  We have now finished our wriggle and crawl topic.  We start this week with Mess and Mixtures with a lot of Science aspects to explore.  Thank you to those of you who sent in some wonderful pictures and quotes.  Mr Monaghan has put them together in a lovely video that you can view through the website so check it out if you can!

Have a good week and take care

Mrs Hudson and Mrs Timlin

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The Walk of Life – St James  

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the quote suggests, we all have to live with disappointments and setbacks in life, and the last few months have certainly been testing for everybody connected with St James.

However, nothing can stop us looking to the future with hope and optimism; some day soon, this will all be a thing of the past that we can move on from and hope for better things ahead.

As the video shows, the beauty of nature and the world around us, hasn’t changed during lock-down. We are blessed with so many amazing places to visit in the North East, and this time away from school has given us more opportunities to visit them more often.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mr Monaghan

Y2 home learning wb 22nd June

Hi year 2.  I hope you are well.  We are due for some lovely weather this week so hopefully that will give you the opportunity to send me your wonderful photographs with quotes.  Thank you to those who have already sent them in.  We continue with our wriggle and crawl theme by looking at some poetry this week.


Stay safe

Love from Mrs Timlin and Mrs Hudson

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Extra learning sheet for year 2

Please find attached an extra pack with a mixture of Maths and English if you need any.


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Mrs Timlin

Nature, creativity and kindness

Thea has been doing some lovely learning both inside and outside.