Rome Pilgrimage

Mass at St. Peter’s Tomb in Rome



Down in the depths of St Peter’s Basilica is the tomb of St. Peter. Year 6 celebrated Mass with Fr. Dave. What an experience!

St. Peter's foot

Touching the foot of St. Peter’s statue is said to bring you great blessings.

Kaci is really making herself comfortable in Rome.


Day 2 in Rome

imageimageimageimageimage imageimagePiazza del Poppolo Trevi, Spanish steps and Colloseum


Day 1 in Rome

image image image

Day one in Rome, sunshine and going to see Pope Francis.

Manchester Airport


A bite to eat before our great adventure.

Rome…here we come!

Just a little preview of how smart they are all going to look when they travel off to the Eternal City on Sunday!



A Special Message from our group

We wanted to send everyone a special message from Rome, so here goes:

Ellie – Rome is brilliant and I think you would love it if you went on a family holiday here. I’m missing you lots love Ellie

Sophie – I really enjoyed Rome, my favourite part was seeing the Pope. missing you loads. See you tomorrow

Hannah – Really enjoyed Rome especially the Pope. Can’t wait to see you lots of love Hannah

Lois – I have had the best time ever in Rome, I am so looking forward to seeing you. love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hallie – I am loving Rome, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow xxxx

Ethan – I have had a great time, I’ve enjoyed everything. Rome is a really good place to go. Love Ethan xx

Benjamin – I have had an excellent time in Rome, I have loved it all, but the most important thing was going to see the Pope, which I really enjoyed Love Benjamin xx

Matthew – Rome is really nice, we have been to the Vatican, Colessium and lots of other famous places. I can’t wait to get back and see you but I don’t want to leave Rome. love Matthew xxxxx

Taylor – Can’t wait to come back and see you. Having a great time, love from Taylor xxx

Callum – I have been dying to tell you, I have had a great time. I can not wait to see you all, including Ivy xx

Maia – I have liked the zoo and seeing the Pope. When we saw the Colessium it was under construction so we couldn’t go in. Can’t wait to see you and missed you xxxxxxxxxx

Gabrielle – Miss you all. I had a great time but the most exciting thing was meeting the Pope and spending time with Maia. Love from Gabrielle xxxxxxxxxx

Aidan – I really miss you. I have liked the Vatican City. Love Aidan xxx

Alana – I really miss you and I have had a good time seeing the Pope. Also I want a girl!!! For the baby. love Alana xxxxxxx

Josh – I have really enjoyed the Colessium the best and it looked better than I thought it was going to be. I have had a brilliant time and I would like to come back sometime. love Josh xxx

Beth – I love Rome and I enjoyed the Pantheium. I miss you And I’ll see you tomorrow. love Beth xxx

Amy – I enjoyed my first flight it was really fun. Rome is great and I am really enjoying myself. Miss you. love Amy xxx

Nyah – I am having an amazing time. Rome is gigantic, we have saw lots of sites. love you from Nyah xxx

Leo – Hi Mam, Rome is brilliant and exciting . I am really missing you and from now on I want you to cook pasta. love you, see you tomorrow. Xxxx

Luke B – I have really enjoyed Rome. the food has been very nice .I miss you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. love Luke xxx

Luke O – Mam I have missed you. I have been having a great time, but there has been a lot of walking! So my legs are sore! I won’t be walking far when I get home. See you tomorrow. love Luke xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope they make you smile. love Mrs M