Welcome to St. James RC Primary School

At St. James R.C. V.A. Primary School we aim to provide a variety of lessons for every child in a happy, caring and welcoming school. Every member of our school is a gift from God and we want everyone to do their best. As a Catholic School, we care for each other, and treat each other as Jesus teaches us, in all areas of school life.

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Why Choose St. James RC Primary?

Why Choose St James RC Primary?

  • Prayer: Our school is a sacred place with care at it's heart.
  • Creativity: Colour and creativity abound in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Friendship: The best days of your life.
  • Imagination: Learning through imaginative play, the freedom to explore worlds of your own making.
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What The Children Say...

Welcome to the family of St. James.

Our school is wonderful and you make lots of friends.

We have wonderful opportunities for exciting experiences like visits, residential trips and performances.

There are lots of clubs you can join and we have fun learning.

The teachers are always there to help you and show us right from wrong.

The school likes to be experimental and take on new challenges and like asking the children for their input.

Behaviour is excellent because we love and respect each other.

We pray together often and celebrate Mass, which is a real asset to our school.

In games or learning, at St. James, we never give up; we keep going until we achieve.