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Dinosaur Fun at the Hancock!

On Tuesday 28th June 2016, Year 1 went to the Hancock Museum to learn lots about Dinosaurs and Fossils.  We had a great time handling fossils and thinking about what they could be.  We even got to hold fossilized Dinosaur poo!  Did you know we can find out a lot about a dinosaur from their poo? It tells us what they ate and if they were a Herbivore or a Carnivore!

After our workshop we went around the museum looking at the exhibits and even got to dress up and research information like Paleontologists.IMG_6140 IMG_6141 IMG_6142 IMG_6143 IMG_6145 IMG_6146 IMG_6147 IMG_6148 IMG_6149 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6153 IMG_6154 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6157 IMG_6158 IMG_6159 IMG_6160 IMG_6161 IMG_6162 IMG_6163 IMG_6164 IMG_6165 IMG_6167 IMG_6168 IMG_6169 IMG_6170 IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6177