Year 3

World Book Day

 A great day celebrating books and reading.

Greek Day in Year 3

We had the pleasure of welcoming Michael from Durham University to our school and class today to help us learn more about the Ancient Greeks.

We learned how to hold important artefacts as well as using our knowledge to decide what the various objects were.  We also wrote a manifesto in Ancient Greek as well as creating a piece of artwork to give to the gods and finally we recreated a Greek play.

We had a Greektastic day and learned lots.

Mrs Gofton

Year 3 and 4 at Urban Factory, Hebburn

Year 3 and 4 had a great morning at the Urban Factory in Hebburn. We took part in cheerleading, parkour and gymnastics and thoroughly enjoyed the activities we undertook with experienced teachers.

Mrs Gofton and Mr Monaghan

Year 3 go to the Beacon of Light

Year 3 took part in a MuktiSkills event at the Beacon of Light with various coaches and schools and had a great time.

We played Dodgeball, Basketball, Tennis, Football and competed in Atheltic games.  We had a great morning and represented our school with sensible and positive attitudes.  Well done Year 3!

Mrs Gofton

Year 3 Mythical creatures

Year 3 were set the task of creating their own Mythical creature as part of their homework.  The creatures created were very creative and incorporated a lot of what we have been looking at in class.

As you can see the children have worked very hard to create their creatures.

Mrs Gofton

Tennis fever hits Year 3

Year 3 had the chance to try tennis on Friday afternoon with a tennis coach. He taught us how to serve and hit the ball correctly using racquets, balls and tennis nets.

We had a great session with the coach and we learned some new techniques and a passion for a new sport.

Year 3 Multi Skills

Year 3 had a great time at Temple Park taking part in Multi Skills.

We were split up into two groups Group A with Mrs Gofton and Group B with Mrs Gibbons.   We competed in a range of activities from running, to ball skills, long jumping to team work.  We collected points in each activity and at the end the winners were announced.  Mrs Gibbons group came 5th overall and Mrs Gofton’s group were just pipped to the post and were given 2nd place.

Both the children and staff had a wonderful morning and thoroughly enjoyed the different activities.

Mrs Gofton and Mrs Gibbons


Beacon of Light activity morning for Years 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 boys and girls were invited to the Beacon of Light on Tuesday, where they took part in a carousel of activities before being shown around the impressive facilities on offer there.

The children had a great time taking part in football, volleyball, tag, javelin, tennis and dodgeball, with the teachers and teaching assistants also getting themselves involved in the action.

Our partnership with Sunderland AFC will ensure that each year group will be offered a chance to see the wonderful complex beside the Stadium of Light, with various competitions also scheduled to take place there over the course of the academic year.

Well done to everyone who took part in a wonderful morning.

Mr. Monaghan

Fun on the slopes

Year 3 and Year 4 had a great time at Silksworth Sports Complex for their summer trip. We had to complete lots of activities such as problem solving, orienteering and skiing but I think the best part of the day for everyone was the snow tubing (even the teachers had fun racing each other down the slopes!) Of course in true Mr Monaghan style he won the races.

Mrs Gofton and Mr Monaghan


Year 3 go to the Baltic

We had a fantastic day at Baltic with our artist. We looked at the different exhibitions and decided to use the Tyne Deck exhibition by Ryder and Yates as our inspiration for our artwork today. We looked at these architects vision in 1969 and discussed how we think Newcastle will change and what the buildings will look like in the future. We created some fantastic futuristic artwork using a range of materials and will continue with this piece of art in class.

Mrs Gofton