Year 3

Christmas Craft Day

We had a great day at Christmas Craft.  In the Year 3 Classroom with Mrs Gofton and Miss Hipkiss we created our very own stocking that we had to sew together and add either a snowman, reindeer or Santa.  We had a lot of knots along the way but our stockings were great!

Christmas Party

We had a great time at our Christmas Party.  We played games such as pass the parcel, corners and Mr Monaghan was great as the museum director in Night at the Museum.  We had to do silly things such as putting a shoe on our head and a plank whilst keeping still!  We were certainly all partied out!  Merry Christmas to all of our children and parents from Year 3 and Year 4 staff

Children in Need Day

We had a great time in Year 3 fundraising for Children in Need.  We all dressed up and bought some amazing cakes.  We even had our very own Pudsey jar which was kindly given to us by a parent and as a class we raised £15 which was added to our school total.  

Stone Age Day West Boldon Lodge

We had a great day at West Boldon Lodge for our Stone Age day.  We created some great art work including charcoal stone paintings, an axe, building a house, creating an arrow from willow and using leaves to create a target for some arrow practice.  Although it was a little chilly we had a great day and the camp fire certainly warmed us up!

Great Greek day

A great day was had by all in Year 3 as we dressed up as Greeks for the day.  We explored the types of foods that would have been eaten and designed some of our own Greek theatre masks.


IMG_3509 IMG_3537 IMG_3551 IMG_3548

Cave drawings and beaker pots.

Year 3 have been busy creating cave paintings from the Stone Age.  First we used a sponge and paint to create the wall.  Next we added sand to create a textured effect.  Finally we used charcoal to create our cave drawings.

We have also been designing and making clay beaker pots like those of the Bronze Age.  These would have been used for drinking, storage, as ornaments or even to hold the ashes of people who had died.  As in the Bronze Age, we decorated them with patterns using modelling tools.

IMG_2475 IMG_2470 IMG_2456 IMG_2446 IMG_2440 IMG_2438 IMG_2433 IMG_2431 IMG_2427 IMG_2432

Number Day


In Year 3 we have been working hard telling the time using an analogue clock and practicing our fractions.


IMG_2347IMG_2356 IMG_2362 IMG_2351 - Copy IMG_2355 - Copy IMG_2358 IMG_2354 - Copy