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Pumpkin Munchkins

The Reception children had a fantastic time carving scary pumpkins with their special friends in Year 6.

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Year Six Meet Their Special Friends

After waiting for seven years, the Year 6 children finally got to meet their special friends. It was a special afternoon.IMG_2110 IMG_2109 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108 IMG_2111

EYFS and KS1 Parents Race Winners

Congratulations to our winners and to all the Mams and Dads that took part this year.  You did a great job and your children were very proud of you all! Winners of the Mam Race IMG_6204 Winners of the Dad Race IMG_6205  

Our first term at St. James

The children in reception enjoyed a very active festive season with a lot of hard work being put into the Christmas performance. Throughout the process it was lovely to see the children grow in confidence and we noticed some future stars appearing! The Christmas party of course was a great chance to dance and let loose a little with party games. Santa made a good choice for his dance partner this year – Mrs. Watson!

We also visited the farm to meet Santa. Despite the very cold winds, the children were thrilled to ride around the farm on the train to see the variety of animals living there. Cuddly adult bunnies and baby bunnies were lovingly held by the children which was one of the highlights, but also seeing a real live reindeer was a special moment and even being allowed to pat it. Inside Santa’s grotto the children had a chance to meet and chat with Santa, and then have a photo taken with him in his sleigh. We put these pictures in the children’s learning journeys which parents can view later this year.

Earlier in the term, reception also got to know our local library in Hebburn enjoying making a bookmark and borrowing a book of their choice. We were very proud of their behaviour and they are a credit to our school.

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