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World Book Day ( take 2)

School open March 5th

Thanks for your patience as we kept our school closed; back to normal now and we hope that is the end of the snow.


Mr. Clephane.

School Closed Friday 2nd March

The Amber warning is still in place and as a result most South Tyneside schools are making the safe decision to remain closed.


Martin Clephane

School Closed Thursday 1st March

School will remain closed tomorrow as there is no improvement in the weather.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Martin Clephane

School Closed Today

We are sad to announce that due to the snow and winds we have decided to close the school on safety grounds. The number of staff unable to get to work safely would also compromise safeguarding.

We hope to be open gain tomorrow but we will text parents to let them know.


Martin Clephane

Information about the Monkton Flood Alleviation Scheme